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In this episode, I was lucky to interview two members of GPU Audio: Jonathan Rowden and Alexander “Sasha” Talashov.

GPU Audio is a software company that promises to deliver real-time audio processing capabilities to GPUs in the form of an easily usable Software Development Kit (SDK). It’s their goal to allow audio programmers to utilize the power of all GPU cores for faster and more performant audio processing.

If you are interested in why it is not easy to process audio on the GPU and how it can be done, then this episode is for you!

Don’t forget to submit your impulse response for their IR Competition until February 23, 2023!

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Episode Contents

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • how was GPU Audio conceived,
  • why typically GPUs are not used in audio plugins,
  • why previous approaches to GPU audio processing haven’t been widely successful,
  • how GPU Audio’s solution handles the main problems of GPU processing,
  • how one can learn about GPU processing in general,
  • how you can help test their software and possibly win cool prizes in their IR competition.


Below, you’ll find all references mentioned in the podcast episode.

  1. GPU Audio
    1. Alexander “Sasha” Talashov
    2. Jonathan Rowden
    3. Vasilii Sumatokhin
    4. Products
    5. GPU Audio at GTC
    6. IR Competition
  2. Previous approaches to processing audio on the GPU
    1. GPU Impulse Reverb VST by Neil Schneider
    2. LiquidSonics
    3. Acustica Audio
  3. Qosmo Inc.
    1. Andrew Fyfe
  4. Mach1 company that uses GPU Audio’s solution.
  5. Graphic cards manufacturers
    1. nVidia
    2. AMD
    3. Apple (Apple silicon)
  6. Libraries for GPU programming
    1. CUDA from nVidia
    2. OpenCL
    3. OpenGL
  7. Frameworks & SDKs
    1. Steinberg VST SDK
    2. Unreal Engine
    3. JUCE framework
  8. Conferences
    1. GPU Technology Conference
    2. Audio Developers Conference
    3. ACM Conference
    4. Eurographics Conference
  9. Technical University Graz
    1. Markus Steinberger, Associate Professor at Graz University of Technology

Thank you for listening!