What is WolfSound all about?

Welcome to the WolfSound! Thank You for being here.

My name is Jan Wilczek and I have created WolfSound to be able to share my passion of audio programming. If you want to know my story, I described it thoroughly in the first episode of the WolfTalk podcast.

On WolfSound you can expect three types of activity (the ‘pillars’ of the brand):

  • Knowledge: videos, articles, courses, books, podcasts etc. concerning the topic of sound programming. My primal area of interests are sound synthesis and music effects programming, but the topics will cover a much wider ground (although always connected to sound, or programming, or both). I want to share my knowledge, but I also want to learn from You-Your suggestions and tips are always welcomed! The following areas are considered significant:
    • sound synthesis
    • sound effects (e.g. filters, reverb, compression)
    • digital signal processing (DSP)
    • algorithmic composition
    • music processing
    • sound application programming interfaces (APIs)
    • different programming languages and their application to audio processing
    • listening conditions
    • computer games audio
    • human hearing
  • Products: I am developing my own sound synthesisers for commercial release, but there are other projects on the horizon, so definitely stick around for some Digital Audio Workstation plug-ins and more!
  • Services: consulting, leading seminars, carrying out audio programming tasks on demand; all for the greater good of audio!

See You around on TheWolfSound.com! Don’t forget to visit and subscribe to the official YouTube channel!