Improving reverb and sampling techniques while playing the bass guitar.

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In this podcast episode, I was lucky to interview another member of the Aalto Acoustics Lab of the Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. Jon Fagerström is conducting his PhD research in the domain of audio signal processing, specifically, sampling synthesis and artificial reverberation. We are discussing what challenges beginning researchers face, how to find your niche in audio research, and what interesting ways there are to end up as an audio researcher.

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Episode Contents

In this podcast episode, you will learn

  • who is Jon Fagerström, and how did he get into audio processing and then into research,
  • how to write your first scientific paper,
  • how is the PhD topic established,
  • what are the challenges of starting research and how to overcome them,
  • the role of supervision in research,
  • how to find a good research topic,
  • how to relax after research work 😎,
  • what is artificial reverberation, feedback delay networks, and velvet nose,
  • how to generate naturally sounding variation in sampled impact sounds for drum machines, video games, and virtual reality,
  • music bands’ reality during pandemic 🎸.

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