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In this podcast episode, I was very pleased to guest Linus Corneliusson: a mixing engineer and editing assistant at Fascination Street Studios who has shifted towards audio plugin development.

I met Linus (and his colleague Jacek) at the Audio Developer Conference 2022 and he’s definitely one of the most friendly and funny people in the community. What is even more amazing, he’s worked in the studio with top-notch heavy metal bands, like James LaBrie, Soilwork, DragonForce, Haken, Leprous, Dark Tranquility, Between the Buried and Me, and Fates Warning (basically most of the major names in the progressive metal genre).

In the podcast, we discus how Linus started creating simple audio plugins on the side which led him to pursuing a full-blown career as an audio programmer for Bogren Digital. We also discuss tools, tips, and resources he used and recommends for starting in audio programming.

Are you a mixing engineer looking for a way to transition into audio development? Are you seeking advice on which path to take and which resources are the best to reach out for? Do you need inspiration and motivation? Then this episode is for you!

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Episode Contents

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • how Linus started his studio career and ended up working with the top metal bands 🤟 in the industry
  • how a mixing engineer can start writing their own plugins 🎚️
  • how Linus decided to pursue the audio programming path and which resources he used
  • what are the tools he’s using day-to-day
  • is the Audio Developer Conference worth going to (spoiler: it is but find out why 😉)

This episode was recorded on November 29, 2023.


Below you’ll find all people, places, and references mentioned in the podcast episode.

  1. People
    1. Linus Corneliusson
      1. LinkedIn
      2. BD_LinusC on Discord
      3. Email: linus [ at ] bogrendigital [ dot ] com
    2. Jens Bogren
    3. Jacek Śniecikowski
    4. Jatin Chowdhury (Chowdhury DSP)
    5. Valerio Velardo (Sound of AI)
    6. Andrew Scheps (and his ADC23 talk)
  2. Places
    1. Music profile at Linus’s high school
    2. Music production course led (among others) by Jens Bogren
    3. Bogren Digital
    4. The Audio Programmer YouTube channel
    5. The Audio Programmer Discord
    6. Orebro Universitetet
      1. School of Music, Theatre and Art
  3. Technology
    1. Turbo Pascal
    2. JUCE C++ framework
    3. C++
    4. Visual Studio Code
    5. CLion
  4. Audio Developer Conference

Thank you for listening!

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