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In this podcast episode, I was lucky to interview Christoph Guttandin: a web audio developer from Berlin, Germany.

Chris is a self-taught programmer with a formal training as an audio-visual technician. He’s a freelancer who deals with playing back sound in the browser, sometimes on multiple computers simultaneously. He’s a member of the W3C Audio Community Group where he gives feedback regarding the new standards. He’s especially careful about the compliance of browsers to standard updates. He regularly answers questions regarding web audio on StackOverflow. He was a speaker at the Audio Developer Conference 2022.

In the podcast, we not only discuss his background and his story of how he became a web audio developer but we also uncover how you can become one. I specifically ask him about the best resources on web audio programming and which languages, tools & frameworks to use.

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Episode Contents

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • how Christoph learn web audio programming and how he started his freelancing career
  • which resources he recommends for learning web audio programming
  • which languages, libraries & frameworks to use best, if you want to start coding audio in the browser (it’s not JavaScript!)
  • what are the challenges of audio synchronization on the web
  • how to ensure that your audio code behaves the same across all browsers
  • how web audio standards are developed and implemented


Below you’ll find all people, places, and references mentioned in the podcast episode.

  1. Christoph Guttandin
    1. Media Codings website
    2. GitHub
    3. Audio Developer Conference 2022 talk
  2. Medieninformatik HTW Berlin
  3. Berlin Music Hackday
  4. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
    1. Audio Working Group
      1. Github
    2. Audio Community Group
  5. Web audio technologies
    1. Web Audio API
      1. AudioWorklet
      2. Shared AudioBuffer
      3. OscillatorNode
      4. BiquadFilterNode
    2. MediaSession
    3. Tone.js library
    4. WebAssembly
    5. Christoph’s Standardized Audio Context
    6. Web Platform Tests
    7. Web RTC
  6. Resources to learn web audio programming: 0. MDN web docs on web audio API
    1. Web Audio School
    2. Chrome Team Web Audio Examples
    3. Paul from Mozilla Firefox on WebAudio API
    4. Ruth John from Mozilla talks & tutorials
    5. Web Audio Slack Channel
    6. StackOverflow web audio questions
  7. Chris Rogers
  8. Browsers:
    1. Chrome
    2. Firefox
    3. Edge
    4. Safari
  9. Programming languages
    1. TypeScript
    2. JavaScript
    3. Coffee Script
    4. Java

Thank you for listening!