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In this podcast episode, I was happy to interview Steve Barile from Conductive Labs. Steve was a 9-5 employee of Intel, until he and his best friend Darryl, started experimenting with building their own audio hardware. First prototypes led to concrete product ideas, which led to a crowdfunding campaign, which led to founding a successful business… but let’s listen to him tell the story!

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Episode Contents

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • how to start making your own music hardware, for example, hardware synthesizers,
  • where to get product ideas from,
  • how to go about validating your product in the market,
  • where to look for manufacturers,
  • recommended resources for building audio hardware.

Special thanks from Steve to the Conductive Labs crew: Jesse, Cantrell, Paul, Nick, Ben, Chuck, Blake, Shashi, Kelly & SOs: Joyce and Lisa

Referenced Resources

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