An easy-to-use template to kick-start your every audio plugin C++ project!

Get the template repository on GitHub.

From the video you will learn:

  • how to start any audio plugin C++ project
  • how to structure your code repository for maximum clarity and productivity
  • why using CMake is better than using the Projucer that ships with JUCE
  • how to integrate CMake and JUCE (including important compilation flags you shouldn’t miss)
  • how to generate a Visual Studio/XCode/Make/etc. project out of your CMake project
  • how to effortlessly integrate third-party (external) libraries to your CMake project with the CPM package manager
  • how to ensure maximum safety of your code by raising the warning level and treating warnings as errors
  • how to build you audio plugin CMake project
  • how to introduce unit tests for your audio plugin with GoogleTest
  • how to run the unit tests